The sudden COVID-19 noutbreak has made tele-learning the keyword in the prolonged holiday, as schools in China were forced to a halt. With the spread of the pandemic,however, universities overseas have also suspended their classes in light ofthe shutdown in their countries. In consequence, the overseas education industry is facing a real risk.

As this blacks wan hovers by, a tail wind was sent to online channels. The education industry has been gravitating towards the enormous traffic pool of Mini Programs and enjoying the traffic dividends brought by WeChat.

“ii Media Research” reported that 309 million customers will be in the online education industry in 2020, pushing the market size to RMB 453.8 billion. On February 12, WeChat officials told the public about the usage of Mini Programs since the epidemic started, and the applets related to online education saw a 40% surgein its user base year-on-year.

This was nothing unexpectable, as Mini Programs with their 60-plus entrances have been in a good position to boost exposure and dissemination. In addition, by leveraging the friend-based social network, Mini Programs help businesses acquire customers in a targeted manner, enhance brand recognition and give conversion rates a leg-up.

To keep students updated about their target schools, college placement agencies have hopped on the ride of Mini Programs heading to online operations. So far,W-axis Technology has built two education Mini Programs, namely “Overseas Studyin Singapore” and “ERC”. We hope the two cases will be helpful to people who arelooking for a way out.




1.Fresh UI/UX that better presents the institute


The Mini Program of “ERC” is mainly in unified low-saturation colors that highlight texts and show the evolutionary nature of the academy. We paid special attention to layouts of the factors when designing the UI, making it more ethically pleasing and eye-catching. They all help the institute leave a better impression on potential applicants.


2.All-round news update


In this section,users can know more about the institute, including its faculty, the outstandinggraduates, the environment on campus and its curriculum.



3.Functions that meet students’need on campus


Students cancheck out class materials and news about the institute on the Mini Program.



4.Online application


Students can click on the “online application” button to fill in their personal information.The staff will see it on the backstage system and have one-on-one communications with the applicants. The function helps students learn more about the institute and helps the institute attract more students.



5.Customized function for students coming back to Singapore


Due to the pandemic, overseas students are required by the Singapore government to report to their schools before coming back. Thus, we have added the section in the Mini Program where the institute can collect information their students upload on the platform, there by improving their work efficiency.



Overseas Study in Singapore


This Mini Program is a one-stop consulting and service-providing platform where students can learn about education, policies and daily life in Singapore, as well as the latest news about overseas study in the country.

When developing the Mini Program, we designed a series of customized functions based on user experience map, including preferences, campus visit reservations, accommodation sand immigration.Almost everything that students need to know is right here on the platform. Users can talk with recruiters directly on the Mini Program. The browsing history left on the Mini Program can help businesses do target marketing, there by increasing conversion rates of applicants.


We put another special function in the Mini Program that generates personalized overseas study plans. Students can upload their information and get them for free.

In the quantifiable matching function in the Mini Program, the matching percentages are listed in adescending order. Students can use the data to make smarter and more efficient choices about universities to apply for.



The official account and Mini Program of Overseas Study in Singapore are interconnected,facilitating unified marketing to speed up traffic fission. The Mini Programis also linked up with other ones like One-click House Renting, One-click Property, and Exchange Rate Today. The official account produces content while Mini Programs are responsible for commercial service and revenue. Their combinationis completed within the WeChat ecosystem and gives users better vertical experience.

Above is case analysis of two education Mini Programs. In the future, we’ll continue to upgrade Mini Programs to pull through this crisis with people in the education industry. If you need programming support, we are also here to help.

In the meantime,we provide free consulting services. Or if you have needs that are more complicated,please scan the QR Code below to contact us. We’ll offer holistic and tailored professional service.