WeChat Marketing Guidance: Tapping on WeChat as a Bridge to China

China has been the largest source market for outbound tourism in the world since 2012 and is also the country with the highest travel and tourism expenditure. With rising household incomes, China’s consumer spending is also set to more than double in 10 years. It is thus no wonder that businesses are increasingly trying to […]

WeChat Official Account Ads, Explained

what are the favorite ways for advertises to put ads on the 20 million-plus official accounts? Here are some that W-axis Technology has summarized for you to choose.

Brands Bracing for the New Normal of Consumption

To help brands know better about the users and detect business opportunities with more precision, W-axis Technology summarized the pandemic into 3 phases to introduce the fresh business models that brands built during the pandemic.

The Rising Generation Z: What Would they Pay for?

Recently, Bilibili, a video website popular among Generation Z (Gen Z), unexpectedly went viral in other age groups. How viral exactly? Before May 4, China’s Youth Day, a PSA called “hou lang” (new-comer) was posted on the website, and it received more than 20 million views and 1.4 million thumbs-up. The numbers are still counting. […]

Cases of Education Mini Programs by W-axis Technology

To keep students updated about their target schools, college placement agencies have hopped on the ride of Mini Programs heading to online operations. So far,W-axis Technology has built two education Mini Programs, namely “Overseas Studyin Singapore” and “ERC”. We hope the two cases will be helpful to people who arelooking for a way out.

Knowledge Payment Coupled with Mini Programs

Knowledge payment emerged in 2016 and users have been burgeoning ever since. In 2019, the industry went into full-speed mode. The past five years has indeed witnessedits growing popularity across markets and among startups.