Social media is becoming increasingly prevalent in everyone’s lives. But the fast fashion& E-commerce industry is expected to grow at a decreasing rate in the post-Covid period. In this article, we shared several ket facts that you need to know about fashion industry marketing in 2021. Don’t miss the FREE DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT in the end!

In this report, we selected IN GOOD COMPANY as the case study. And we analyzed market trends and their competitors in marketing, to provide digital marketing recommendations.

Fashion industry marketing

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Consumers strongly prefer brands that support sustainability and social issues. Members of both age groups also tend to abandon a purchase if the brand does not reflect their values.

The fast fashion industry has been changing.

Without runway shows, fast fashion brands have been turning to influencers for inspiration for new products.

For years, the industry has been put in a bad light due to the negative impacts it causes. Coupled with the shift in customer demands, brands are taking steps to tweak and align their processes. Sustainable fashion brands and secondhand markets are growing.

In line with their sustainability efforts, brands are also starting to use advanced technologies to improve supply chain efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. For example, 3D printing, use of robots.

Competitor Analysis

Comparing In Good Company’s engagement rates to that of its competitors, we find that:

•IGC has a slightly higher-than-average engagement rate on Facebook as compared to the other businesses.

•IGC is on the lower side when it comes to engagement on Instagram, both photo and video post.


As the nature of each platform and its users are different, IGC has to tailor its strategy to each of the platforms in order to improve their engagement rates.

For example, for WeChat Official Account marketing, in order to improve engagement levels, IGC must first optimize its article content.

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