4 years since its launch, WeChat Moments Ads have become a familiar element in users’ social scenarios thanks to the huge traffic basis of WeChat.

More and more brands have been delivering ads in Moments to break the traffic bottleneck and boost exposure. The ads can be liked and commented as Moments posts, and brands can even distribute coupons in the ads. Such interactions are highly conducive to customer acquirement.

In addition to these fundamental benefits, WeChat Moments Ads are growing in their variety. They can be presented as traditional posts that contain pictures, texts and links to shops, and as Mini Program cards, H5 pages, short videos, and clickable pictures. They also appear more frequently in users’ Moments feeds than before.

Recently, W-axis Technology have helped many Singapore brands to put up Moments Ads and reaped satisfactory results. Thus, we have written an article hoping that you can know more about it.

Now, let us take a look at the forms of WeChat Moments Ads and their advantages.


Conventional Ads

As the development of WeChat eco-system brings new values to Moments, companies are seeking to boost their business with it. On January 25, 2015, BMW China put up the first commercial ad in Moments.

▲The first commercial Moments ads, by BMW China

Moments ads first looked like ordinary Moments Ads that contain texts, videos, and links. They are easy to make and are highly efficient. Elements like texts, pictures, videos, and links are at your disposal. They can be used to promote everything that you want to.

Few people would comment on a regular ad or give it a thumb-up, thus regular ads lead to less interactions with the viewers. They attract attention with carefully designed pictures or texts. They are the Generation 1 of Moments Ads that take sheer exposure as the target.


Basic card ads

Compared with conventional ads, card ads take up larger space and break the size limit of pictures and videos.They present information in a more compact manner and allow more varied forms of interactions. By click or sliding, users can be redirected to another webpage, a Mini Program, or an H5 page.

▲Basic card ad

Basic card ads are favored by many brands because they carry more information and can be executed with more creativity.

On May 20, Cartier designed a maze based on itsAmulette de Cartier collection and delivered the idea in a basic card ad. On this festival observed by many Chinese couples, Cartier sent its special wishes through this exquisite maze.

▲ The basic card ad by Cartier


Selective card ads

Selective card ads are the card ads where views get to make a choice. Two pages are required for a selective card ad, and each appears based on the choice made by the viewer. Not only can they introduce the products, but also satisfy viewers desire to make their voice heard. Therefore, they are more likely to be forwarded between friends and to raise discussions. Advertisers can also use them to collect data from the viewers and plan their future marketing moves.

▲ Selective card ads


Full—frame card ads

Full frame card ads merge pictures and texts together, thereby providing a more immersive experience for the viewers. Because they can contain a large amount of information, the details of the brands and products can be displayed with more freedom.

During the high season of marketing like festivals, it’s easy for such good-looking designs to be noticed and clicked upon.

▲ A full-frame card ad


Interactive video ads

Users can draw a line on interactive video ads to go to well-thought-out pages. Estee Lauder once put up a Moments ad in this form. After drawing the line, users can see the video starred by a Chinese celebrity who is making a trip to Milan and learn about benefits of the products from her. In the end, viewers can fill in a form to get samples.

This ad caught eyeballs with its creative form. Viewers know more about the products in the process and are redirected to the shop. An enclosed circle of brand marketing is completed by this ad.

The proportion of users who viewed the ad was 13 times higher than the average number in the industry. The proportion of users who liked or commented? 3 times higher.

▲ The interactive video ad by Estee Lauder

From conventional ads to interactive video ads, WeChat Moments ads have been braking rules and effectively helping advertisers to accumulate traffic. On the Qixi Festival this year,the scanning function was used by Moments ads to bring new surprises.

After clicking on the ad about a yogurt product of Mengniu Dairy, users can make a heart-shaped gesture and scan it to interact with the ad. This innovative idea well enhanced the brand image.

▲ The Moments ad that integrated with the scanning functionality

Scanning is a new traffic entrance and allows for more usage scenarios. Users are also more likely to talk about it on the social network. What’s more, the scanning function makes it possible for brands to reward viewers with gifts like customized packet covers, coupons, or physical presents.

Thanks to potential discussions and sharing on WeChat, the eye-catching forms and stimulating ideas of Moments ads can maximize the value such ads create.Want to give it a try? W-axis Technology will offer customized advertising plans to boost the traffic you have.