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Brands Bracing for the New Normal of Consumption

To help brands know better about the users and detect business opportunities with more precision, W-axis Technology summarized the pandemic into 3 phases to introduce the fresh business models that brands built during the pandemic.

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How Should Businesses Seize the Benefits of Content Payment?

Many creators, however, feel confused: what types of articles would readers like to pay for; what are the benefits; how to use it like no one else can? To give some food for thought, W-axis Technology has summarized some cases to inspire other creators with their experience.

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Cases of Education Mini Programs by W-axis Technology

To keep students updated about their target schools, college placement agencies have hopped on the ride of Mini Programs heading to online operations. So far,W-axis Technology has built two education Mini Programs, namely “Overseas Studyin Singapore” and “ERC”. We hope the two cases will be helpful to people who arelooking for a way out.

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