Seven years since its birth, WeChat official accounts has become more of a traffic container than a gainer.

The enormous userbase of WeChat makes official accounts a fertile land to till for content creators and a grand castle that advertises fight to capture.



WeChat official accounts ads is one of the most frequently updated in 2020 among all the WeChat ad products: the ads can be displayed within articles and below articles and be presented in the video form; advertisers and content creators can choose who they want to work with; content creators can also earn commission fee based on the Cost Per Sale data.


Today, what are the favorite ways for advertises to put ads on the 20 million-plus official accounts? Here are some that W-axis Technology has summarized for you to choose.



Ads in articles


Some ads are included in the official account articles and are presented in 16:9 pictures. They deliver large amounts of information about the products, brands and apps, and are in a good position to catch viewers’ eyes.

Such an ad can be redirected to a WeChat Mini Program, which helps the advertiser to convert and accumulate fans. The customizable links allow for creative content.


▲ Example of an in-article ad


Besides being inserted manually, the ads can also be automatically added: the system will decide what is the most suitable ad based on content of the ads and the user portrait of the official account, which greatly boosts the efficiency of conversion.



Ads below articles


The ads displayed below articles are the most attractive to hardcore fans of an official account.

By making use of ads added below relevant articles, companies, large or small, can promote their own official accounts to a wider audience. This makes it faster and cheaper for the official accounts to gain fans and build their own fandom.


 ▲ Example of a below-article ad



Cooperative ads


Advertisers and content creators are able to choose in a two-way method who they want to work with on the official account ads system.Content creators can add the adds at the bottom of their articles to make products better known by their readers.


 ▲ Example of a cooperative ad


Or, content creators can write articles that are specially designed for the advertisers. Such advertorials help improve brand images and writing them is a common way to deliver ads.They can be categorized in the following types:


 A.Canned copies  

A brand writes a copy for itself and deliver it in multiple official accounts.Such copies are mostly sent below the headline of a single post. Or, they can be added in the “Read more” links. They are frequently used by education institutions and restaurants.


B.Custmoized articles

Some advertorials are written by content creators based on the information provided by advertises. Such an article fit the style of the official account better and can convert more consumers because the articles cater to the taste of the readers.

Some official accounts only post this kind of ads to maintain the stickiness of their readers.Customized articles are mostly the headline of a post and are frequently used by the cosmetic industry


 ▲ A customized article of HomeFacialPro


 C.Embeded ads

These ads are presented in batch in original articles. They can be delivered in collection or inserted at the bottom of an article.They are mostly seen in official accounts that specialize in recommending products or in official accounts of influencers.



Videos ads


Ads are more attractive in the video form and the video ads can last between 6 to 15 seconds. They are automatically played in both cellular data and Wi-Fi mode but are muted by default for better user experience.

The video ads can be tapped to redirect to a webpage. In the latest version, the profile photo and name of the advertiser are displayed and a “Learn more” button is added in the lower-right corner of the card so that the advertiser can have better exposure via the creative ideas of the ads.


 ▲  Example of a video ad


All industries, be it skincare, tourism, automobile, jewelry or electronics, can utilize these ads to promote themselves in an effective manner.

Origins promoted its cream products with a vibrant video that starred SONG Weilong, a rising star. The recognized face and the free trial activity successfully lured views to hold longer for the video. The video is tapped nearly 4 times more than an ordinary picture ad.


 ▲  Origins starring SONG Weilong



Cost Per Sales ads


The CPS can be calculated by dividing the total amount of money the company spent on the ad (the cost) by the sum of all sales made. The advertiser and the content creator first decide together the product they will promote. Then the content creator posts ads on its official account. Finally, the commission fee will be paid to the creator based on the CPS data.

CPS ads enable advertisers to promote sales with minimum costs. The advertiser uses the dedicated API to decide what products to show in its Mini Program after clicking and to set the ratio of commission fee.

Then the ad can be inserted anywhere in an article. When a product is sold, the commission fee will be deducted from the advertising cost.

CPS ads are presented anywhere in an article in various forms. Most importantly, they can be tapped to redirect to WeChat Mini Programs, which significantly boosts user conversion.


 ▲ Example of a CPS ad


The above are common ways for advertisers to deliver their ads on official accounts. W-axis Technology will keep looking for other interesting ways.

W-axis Technology can also formulate the best advertising plans for companies based on characteristics of their products, so that they can acquire customers with minimal cost but covert the maximum number of customers