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WeChat Advertisement is a social marketing and promotion system based on the WeChat ecosystem that integrates multiple resources such as WeChat Moments, Official Accounts, Mini Programs.

It combines users’ social network, reading habits and life scenarios with professional data algorithms.

Ads Advantages

1.2 Billion Active Traffic

WeChat has 1.2 billion global monthly active users, and Singapore has 840,000 WeChat users. Let your brand be seen by the world.

Multiple Display Forms

Variety of advertising scenarios and flexible display forms make your ads topical and interesting, and leave users with a deeper impression.


Able to place and unpublish ads at any time, and adjust advertising strategy, population coverage, screening criteria, and bidding rules based on market feedback and brand strategy.


Target the people who are suitable to achieve business goals. These conditions include demographic attributes, business interests, geographic location, equipment used, weather conditions, and so on.

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