Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Mini Program


In WeChat Developer Challenge 2019, we developed a mini-programme for Singapore Airlines to fulfill their needs in social engagement, travel experience and WeChat ecosystem.


Prior to development, our team conducted extensive industry research and focus group discussions to gun for concise yet purposeful design with each function meets the real demand.


Our team proudly won the 1st prize in Singapore Airlines group and have been offered opportunity to be Singapore Airlines in-house team.

Current Singapore Airlines mini-programme is developed based on our version 1.0.

W-axis is a young yet professional team. I see sparks and passion. They are aggressive in a way that constantly surprise us with cutting edge ideas and always strive for perfection. Throughout the whole process, they managed to really step into our shoes and looking at issues from our perspectives. The final solution proposal encapsulates not only elegant programming solution but also realistic business logic. A brilliant team to work with.

- Singapore Airlines

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