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In the game of digitalisation, no other industries can compete with retail. Novela is a multi-brand cosmetics retailer, similar to Sephora. Novela has been growing aggressively with registered member exceeding 80k since established in 2012. However, its business has been impacted severely by store closure during the pandemic. With this wake-up call, Novela further shifted their business focus to online E-commerce.


Through discussion and user survey, we developed understanding of the targeted audience as well as users preference. We utilised the key strength of WeChat: Precise marketing to filter-out non-targeted audience, and then prioritised best selling products for the first batch SKU to maximise the attractiveness within initial launch period of WeChat Mini Program.

On top of that, we worked with the marketing team to integrate Novela's membership sales with the launch of WeChat Mini Program and promoted on WeChat Official Account to create a synergy effect.


On the day of launching WeChat Mini Program, Novela received sales exceeding $30,000 and hit repurchase rate of 35% within the first three months.

Novela Mini Program

2020 has been a tough year for businesses, especially retail industry like us. We suffered severely from store closure and drop in traffic during the pandemic, which made us realise we need to further shift our focus to digitalisation. W-axis came in with professional strategies that really enlightened us with opportunities we did not see before. With the launch of WeChat Mini Program, we unlocked a massive group of audience on WeChat, which definitely boosted our business growth and cash flow in this critical time. Our next step is work with W-axis team to go further on our digitalisation journey.

- Novela International

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