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Digital transformation has been an on-going topic for traditional industries like education. SagePaths Global Education is an international company specialised in study abroad business. We strategised WeChat digital solution with the aim to promote SagePaths branding and gain leading position within the industry.


Through in-depth study of SagePaths' business model and survey with the management team, we developed a customised digital plan to solve the two key pain points: 1. Build a strong brand image and establish trust among students 2. Improve business operation efficacy through automating repetitive work process and enabling better documentation.


We developed a customised WeChat Mini Program with full official website functions, examination criteria and online Q&A, in which increased enquiries by 30% and reached a conversion rate of 60%. Through out the one-year operation of SagePaths' WeChat Official Account, they gained 10,000 followers, with 5% increase each month.

SagePaths WMP

SagePaths WOA

As a study abroad educational consulting firm, a professional brand image is vital to us. I am very glad that we chose to work with W-axis in this brand revitalisation project. Through the launch of WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Official Account, we have been gaining increasing volume of enquiries and higher conversion. WeChat now has become our most important communication channel, we will definitely continue to partner with W-axis to further strengthen this gateway to the largest market.

- Lester Jiang, SagePaths Global Education Managing Partner

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